Launching 2022

A creative group singing session with the king of cool G!  

Over 3 sessions, students work as a collective with our musical director Gladstone Wilson on popular pieces from Pop & Musical Theatre industry’s, from artistes such as Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes & Jason Derulo and shows such as Six, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen and Waitress.

Students work together on making the arrangement their very own, creating bespoke & unique versions of the songs with unison, harmony & solo arrangements.

G’s Pop & MT workshops! 

G will also be bringing his incredible Pop & MT workshop’s during school breaks!  Over 3 full days, students work on bespoke arrangements of songs, learn harmony’s, record the song in our recording studio, film a music style video with a routine, produce their own song cover and perform their master piece to friends & family at the end of the workshop!

More details and dates coming soon!

Rock Skills

Explore Musical Creativity
Work as a team
harmony skills

G. You Rock! 

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