Our exceptional Drum coach Neil Bullock leads Drum Lessons suitable for all ages and abilities, from beginner to advanced.

Each programme will be bespoke, created with the student in mind. The syllabus choice will reflect each individual’s chosen path and take into consideration current skills, personal learning patterns and drumming goals.

Sessions cover a wide range of musical styles, including Rock, Latin, Jazz, Reggae, Hip-hop, Funk, Metal, and many more.

Courses will focus on drum loops and patterns, reading and notation, coordination and hand/foot techniques, as well as musicianship and showmanship as a whole. Students will learn a variety of practice techniques, solo and band playing and explore groove, time and rhythm. They can also discover how to record drums and beats. Sessions are taught using electronic drum kits.

Students wishing to pursue an academic route will gain Industry relevant qualifications with the contemporary exam board RSL.
Music students can also put their skills into action and experience a live gig environment in our group “RockBand” sessions.

Rock Skills

Develop music SKILLS
Individual Approach
Industry relevant qualifications

Lesson Prices

Induction Lesson Offer £15 (Usually £25)

40 Min Lesson £25

Can’t attend the studio?

Remote video lessons are also available via our extraordinary ZoomRoom

Rock Up, Rock Out! 

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