Learn to sing

A tailored programme of theory and practical exercises will help students gain a deeper understanding about the anatomy of the voice and the mechanism of singing which will help them develop their own sound using healthy practices, without developing any tensions or vocal health risks.


As confidence and ability grows, students will be able to build a repertoire folder, make songs their own, explore different ways to interpret lyrics and diverse styles of delivery.

The ability to engage an audience is a fundamental skill which any aspiring or professional singer needs to master in order to build a successful career, so we understand that vocal coaching needs to cover a lot more than the technical requirements of singing. Our experienced team cover all areas of performance and characterisation and will nurture individual stylistic nuances.

We offer all vocal academy students the opportunity to take part in live performances and pursue vocal qualifications with ABRSM, RSL or Trinity College London exams.

One to One Vocal Lesson


First, we need to find out about you including your short and long term goals. In the first induction class, we will discuss what you want to achieve once realistic goals have been set we will map out an action plan for you to follow.

If it's an academic path you’re pursuing -  with the ABRSM, RSL or Trinity College London – we will put together a syllabus and support program which will see you through your exams… and beyond, if you’d like to advance further.

We can also cater for those who seek have personal singing goals so if you’d like to develop your vocal or performance skills, or if you need support ahead of an audition – get in touch and we’ll help you on the right track to discovering your finest voice.

One to One Vocal Lessons

We offer a 30 minute class, a 45 minute class and a 1 hour class. These options will have been discussed at induction stage.

Of course, as you develop you may want to achieve different things from your vocal coaching so we will regularly review your progress and change your lesson plan to align with evolving targets.


Induction Class (45 Mins) - £25.00

30 Minutes - £20.00

45 Minutes - £30.00

60 Minutes - £35.00


Ensemble Sessions

If you’d prefer to learn alongside others, our ‘Ensemble Sessions’ offer students the opportunity to discover new singing skills as a collective. Bring your own friends or make new ones as you come together to explore music in unison and further your understanding of harmonies.

With three to five students per group, you will begin by focusing on the voice as an instrument. After the first two sessions, you will work through a course of exercises, touching on a different style each class. This option is perfect for building confidence and gaining one-to-one tuition within a group.

Classes containing three students will run for around one hour and those for groups of five will last for approximately 75 minutes.


Ensemble Session - 3 Persons (60 Mins) - £20.00 Per Person

Ensemble Session - 5 Persons (75 Mins) - £20.00 Per Person

Are you aged 6 – 16?

Do you want to learn how to sing, perform and record like a professional artist during the school holidays and make new friends? 

Join us at Riverside Studios and learn techniques from some of the best vocal & performance coaches in the business.

Solo and ensemble singing

Breathing Techniques

Performance skills

Live presentation for parents

Musical Theatre (Drama / Singing / Dance)

Experience The Exciting & Dynamic World Of Musical Theatre!


Students will have one hour of drama, one hour of singing and one hour of dancing per week, taught by leading Musical Theatre professionals in the industry.

Each week students will learn material from a variety of West End and Broadway productions, as well as Musical Films. It is a fantastic opportunity to build confidence, hone performance skills and make new friends. 

All students will have the opportunity to take part in our public performances staged in local theatres. Whether taking a starring or supporting role, they will have the chance to take part in our Academy Theatre Company Shows, to create some musical theatre magic, demonstrating their progress in a live performance.


Rock School (Music Singing & Performance)

It’s time to switch the hairbrush for a microphone, swap those restless pencils for a pair of real drumsticks and ditch that air guitar because Rock School is on and it’s time to 'join the Band'.   

Rock School is a 1.5 hour session covering a wide range of musical styles in the context of building a band. We cover Piano / Guitar / Bass / Drums & Percussion and Vocal to feed the imaginations of our budding rock stars!

Learn to play instruments

Work on Rock School vocals

Work together as a team

Explore hidden talents

Make new friends

Discover musical passions

Rock School is open to ages 6 - 16 and all abilities.

Tel: +44 (0)1827 872 377


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