Riverside Studios in conjunction with Stagesound Pro Audio offer Live Sound Engineering Training both at our Studio and also on site for those that wish to learn on their own equipment.

All training is tailored around your Individual needs and provides flexible learning across a broad area of sound engineering disciplines enabling anyone to learn at the pace and level that suits them.

We offer group courses or if would prefer to be taught on your own then wecan also do one to one training.

With Digital Mixers becoming more and more powerful and cheaper than ever before, there has never been a better time to learn. These incredible desks bring a new level of sound engineering possibilities.

What You Will Learn: (Just some of the subjects covered):

● Understanding the equipment that can be used in a live performance eg: Mics, Mixers, Amplifiers, Speakers etc

● Types of Speaker Systems, Setting up and their Application


● How the equipment is connected together and connections used

● Understanding and using Mixing Desks

● Gain Structure, EQ and Signal Routing

● Front of House and Monitor Mixing

● Planning a Mix, Sound Checking and Creating a Mix

● The types of Cables & Connectors required


● In depth use of the Mixing Desk

● Instrument Micing and Evaluation of different Mics on Instruments/Vocals etc


● Digital Mixing Desk Training

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