Riverside Studios, in conjunction with Stagesound Pro Audio, offers training in live sound engineering - either at our studio or on-site for those that wish to learn on their own equipment.

All training is tailored around your individual needs, providing flexible learning across a broad area of sound engineering disciplines to enable students to learn at a pace and level that suits them. Both group courses and one-to-one training are available.

Courses cover:

  • Understanding the equipment that can be used in a live performance, eg., Mics, Mixers, Amplifiers, Speakers, etc.
  • Types of speaker systems - setting up and their application
  • How the equipment connects, and connections used
  • Understanding and using mixing desks
  • Gain Structure, EQ and Signal Routing
  • Front of house and monitor mixing
  • Planning a mix, sound-checking and creating a mix
  • The types of cables & connectors required
  • In depth use of the mixing desk
  • Instrument mixing and evaluation of different mics on instruments/vocals, etc.
  • Digital mixing desk training